Regulus candle holder



The Regulus is the brightest star of the Leo constellation. That is why our goal was to design an object fitting for its denominate. Every piece is handmade and handled with the greatest care. The Regulus on its own is a perfectly simple, beautiful object, but shines the brightest when it’s with three other Regulus.




The REGULUS was the first object we designed using the designer concrete. Like the other concrete products it also received a soft leather footing for the protection of glass or shiny surfaces it may be placed on. The square-shaped candle holder is unique because of the upper part’s peculiar structure design. The stunningly asymmetric shape serves the purpose of dynamic lining. The four Regulus light up the room whether they are placed in a single line or put in a quadrat-formation.




Concrete Surface

Concrete Surface with various designs and types for limited edition beverages and glass objects.


The Designer team

Andras Oravecz graphic- and industrial designer & Endre Nandor Toth photographer and marketing.


Press appearances

Online link collection and blog: articles, interviews and personal rehearsals.


Prestige accessories

Premium design products made from genuine leather and sewed by hand.



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