Our IV collection’s birth was inspired by the four classical element, namely air, fire, earth and water. The collection’s object similarly to the four ancient elements are simple in their looks, symbolising the connection between them. Every product is hand-made from high-quality materials. All four designs include a concrete bottom part, sealed with leather for the protection of the glass or shiny surfaces it is placed onto and adorned with a ’Remember the Lion’ signed metal aluminium ring.




The AQUA vase is the fourth member of the IV collection and it symbolises water.It is made of two parts. The outer part is a uniquely shaped concrete shell which is hollow and has a leather footing for the protection of the glass and shiny surfaces the vase is placed onto. The inner part is an easy-to-clean glass for the water of the flowers or other plants.



Concrete Surface

Concrete Surface with various designs and types for limited edition beverages and glass objects.


The Designer team

Andras Oravecz graphic- and industrial designer & Endre Nandor Toth photographer and marketing.


Press appearances

Online link collection and blog: articles, interviews and personal rehearsals.


Prestige accessories

Premium design products made from genuine leather and sewed by hand.



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